Taiwan Program Sibling group 4 & 5; in country 2 years

Flight home from Taiwan, transfer in Hong Kong and our very recently allocated girls erupt into inconsolable despair. We go to the most remote part of the airport we can find to ride it out and I start making contingency plans in my head of what it looks like not to board our connecting flight.

We decide to push on and I made it to the gate with 4 peoples luggage (including every worldly possession for 2 of us!) while the girls’ brand-new Mum struggles with a 4yo in arm and a terrified 5yo inseparably latched to her hand. I unload on the first flight attendant I find, explaining our situation and pleading for assistance. At that moment she went into super-support mode. She left her post at the door and escorted us to our seats; got us water and snacks and helped us get the girls settled and reassured us that we would be fine. We arrived in Brisbane after the best part of 2 days travelling with no sleep to be met at the plane door with a stroller, trolley and escort. We were guided through the crew’s express Customs line and assisted out of the airport.

I cannot speak highly enough of the amazing QANTAS crew that helped us through what was, without question, one of the most stressful experiences of our lives!