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IAFQ actively promotes intercountry adoption by providing support from the initial stages of application, throughout the whole process including allocation, travel and way beyond.

Some other sources of support that IAFQ has an association with or can recommend are shown below.

Our committee and members are always available to “lend an ear” or guide you in the right direction, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Benevolent Society

Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ) provides a tailored approach to suit every party to adoption, including adopted people and parents. Staff are qualified professionals with experience working with children and families.

Services include phone support and information across Queensland; counselling (phone, Skype and face-to-face; individual as well as family therapy), therapeutic groups, workshops and retreats for specific interests such as parenting tips and strategies; postal library; information sheets and quarterly newsletters; events such as adult adoptee retreats, creative families holiday workshops, teen movie nights and kids arts holiday workshops.

For more infomation, contact PASQ on 07 3170 4600 or email pasq@benevolent.org.au
Ground Floor, 189 Coronation Drive, Milton, QLD, 4064

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