Mapleton Retreat

Mapleton Retreat is an annual camp, held for five days in January, to give adoptive families the chance to make and renew friendships over an extended period in a safe environment. The retreat is held at the Queensland Conference and Camping Centre about 90 minutes north of Brisbane.

Here’s what some of our recent attendees had to say:

“We attend Mapleton each year because of the great venue and the great people. Our family always has a wonderful time, and we feel the bonds between all the IAFQ families are strengthened from the experience”

I never really understood the real value of camp until our boys were teenagers. They have created their own very strong connections and feel they belong and are part of a very special group. Our boys may only see their mates once or twice a year, but with the advantage of social media they are in contact year round. These connections are priceless.”

We attend camp because it is fun and cultural. I love that everybody is an adoptee.” ~ 11 year old adoptee

Dates for next year’s retreat will be released in May 2019. For further information about booking a room, please email Richard Dunks.