The IAFQ Committee is made up of a wonderful bunch of volunteers who work together with the aim of supporting families throughout the journey of adoption and to make life-long connections and friendships.

President [Maree Waterson]

I am Maree Waterson and I have been involved with IAFQ for 14 years, 13 of those holding a position of some description on the committee. Along with my husband, I have been blessed with four children through adoption. Our 11 year-old son through the Thai program, our 7 year-old and two-year old daughters through the local program, and our little angel who left us 2 years ago. IAFQ is a great family community and we are here to support you on your family’s unique journey.
0421 857 703

Vice President [Rachael Emerson]

I am Rachael Emerson and I live in Townsville with my husband and seven children. My family was formed through IVF, both local and intercountry adoption, and foster care. Understandably, life is chaotic, the house is noisy, the washing never ends and the fuel bill is outrageous… but our hearts are full and we are living our dream. I am passionate about IAFQ and like to think of us as one big family, here to support one another.
0418 390 561

Secretary [Clarissa Stuart]

My name is Clarissa Stuart, and with my husband, I have two wonderful children aged 15 years old and 10 years old, both from the Philippines. IAFQ and its subgroups have been very important to our family. It has given us lifelong friends and valuable support through all stages of our journey. As our children have gotten older, that support is just as important as it was in the early days.

Membership Secretary [Natalie Hoppe]

My husband and I have four children, three daughters and a son. The youngest two children, aged nine and six years, were both born in the Philippines. We have been a part of PSGQ (Philippines Support Group Queensland) and IAFQ community for over 10 years. Having taken on a range of roles on both the IAFQ committee and the PSGQ subcommittee, I look forward to working this year with a dedicated team, as the Membership Secretary for IAFQ. I am a busy mum and teacher but will always endeavour to answer you emails as soon as I possible can.